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Visualization Samples

Map of state legislators' salaries where darker green states represent higher salaries.

Map of State Legislators' Salaries

Course participants2

Infographic of Feedback from Deaf-Blind Intervener Courses

Pie chart representing how many people felt down in the past week. 75% selected fewer than half of t

American's Mental Health During Pandemic

A small multiples bar chart showing 3rd grade reading proficiency for 6 schools and 5 racial/ethnic

Achievement Gap

Calendar-like visualization showing birth date predictions for each day. The days with more votes ar

Birth Date Predictions

A table showing blood status and Hogwarts House of 54 characters from Harry Potter that attended Hog

Hogwarts House vs Blood Status

An infographic report where I report the number of books I read, miles I flew, and goals I met.

2019 Annual Report

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