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I am an action-oriented analyst on a data visualization journey, sharing my experiences as I continue learning.

About Me

Where I Started
I've worked with data throughout my entire career. I studied cognitive psychology, researched cross-linguistic differences in Greece, helped develop a language assessment, and conducted community research on everything from education to human trafficking to economics. 
Data Visualization Exploration
About 4 years ago I began to realize the power of data visualization and the underlying cognitive psychology principals that make for good data design. I started seeking out tutorials and best practices for visualizing data. That's when it really hit me that the table and chart formatting required in academia was not doing the readers any favors.
Current Work
Since then I've been reformatting whatever data I can get my hands on to make it easier to understand. I've redesigned strategic plan metrics, state education data, my own habit and goal tracking, and much more. 
My goal, and the thing that brings me joy, is to makeover tables or charts into clear, beautiful visualizations that helps people understand their work in a new way. 
I hope you enjoy following my journey and that it inspires you to think about data differently.
Headshot of Megan Johanson in a park.

Get to know me graphs

What better way to get to know a data fanatic than through some personalized graphs?


Data Visualization  Strategic Thinking  Communication     Problem Solving    Increasing Organizational Efficiency  Quantitative and Qualitative Research  Data Design    Report Editing    Planning and Organization   Leadership    Survey Design and Analysis

Select Work


Data Analytics and Insights Manager

My goal is to lead the organization to a culture of data, where collecting and reviewing data is not a tedious task but a powerful tool to better understand clients and improve services.
I meet regularly with leaders in every department to support data processes, from Communications to Student Services to Human Resources to Fiscal. I streamline processes around data and empower staff to take charge of their own data.
  • Builds, develops, and supports data systems, dashboards, and performance metrics that guide key business decisions
  • Manages and optimizes processes for data collection, validation, analysis, and visualization
  • Fosters a culture of data and continuous improvement by training and supporting staff
  • Organizes and drives successful completion of data insight initiatives through effective management of internal data and collaboration with staff
  • Oversees the design and delivery of reports and insights that analyze business functions, key operations, and performance metrics
  • Guides clients in using their own data for decision-making
  • Provides support for internal and external data and research tasks


Thoughtwell (formerly Community Research Partners)

Director of Research and Data Services

  • Oversaw $2.9M in project budgets for 70 qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation projects, ensuring high quality data were collected, analyzed, and reported
  • Created innovative solutions to communication and financial challenges
  • Identified client goals and ensured projects exceeded expectations
  • Translated financial and program data into key insights for decision making
  • Developed tools for tracking internal performance metrics, collected data, created insightful visualizations, and communicated data to staff, management team, and board members
  • Led a team of 6 researchers, provided annual performance reviews and weekly feedback
  • Anticipated project barriers, identified potential strategies, and implemented solutions
  • Maintained a team culture of data-driven research to strengthen the community



University of Delaware, Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology


South Dakota State University, B.S. Psychology



I'm a college-bound mentor for a high school student. We set goals for school, discuss career path options, and prepare for college exams.


Through Besa I've volunteered at food pantries, Dress for Success, packed backpacks with donated school supplies for local students, and sorted diapers for families in need.


COSI - Center of Science and Industry

I volunteered on the floor team conducting science demonstrations for visitors.


Literacy Delaware (formerly Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults)

I taught English as a Second Language to adults so they could get jobs, pursue education, and become integrated members of society.


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