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  • Megan Johanson

My 2019 Annual Report and Review

I was inspired by Stephanie Evergreen’s personal annual reports and I love looking at my own data, so this year I created my own annual report to reflect and give you some insight into my life.

My 2019 personal annual report.
My 2019 personal annual report.

Below, I go over the highlights of the year.

I started a blog!

It was quite an eventful year in both ways I have been planning for a while and taking advantage of new opportunities that popped up, like starting this blog. I received the push I needed thanks to Ann Emery and her Great Graphs course, which I completed in 2019. She provided students with the opportunity to guest post on her blog and I took it (and then some!). I decided create my own blog and since I work best with set deadlines and goals, her time frame for submission got me moving!

Check out my 3 most viewed blog posts here:

I traveled a lot more than usual!

I flew a lot last year, mainly due to a much-anticipated trip to Spain with my husband. We visited Seville, Granada, and Madrid- it was amazing. We even got to hang out with a peacock! Proof is below. My favorite place was Seville, where we got to see a flamenco show, had a spa day, caught the end Semana Santa, and ate so much delicious food.

My first evening in Seville.
My first evening in Seville.

A peacock we met in Spain.
A peacock we met in Spain.

I read a lot of books!

Before looking at this data I would have said I “read” more audio-books than hard copies of books last year, because I am always listening to one when I drive to and from work. But I guess that’s why we should rely on data and not intuition!

As I note in the report, the best book I read in 2019 was Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men. I couldn't stop talking about it once I finished it. If you are interested in discovering examples of how lives can be improved and even saved by disaggregating data and understanding how women differ from men, I highly recommend it.

Cover for Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Stay tuned for a future blog post diving deeper into the books I read last year. I tracked data on genre, type, and author gender and learned some surprising things about my reading habits!

I’m having a baby!

That’s right, I’m pregnant. But you can bet I’m still all about the data. This year I’ll be doing a series on baby related data, including reviewing data-centric baby books, analyzing feeding data tracked by an app, sharing my organization system (a filterable table with tasks categorized by trimester, naturally), and more!

Thanks for following my work so far and I hope you’ll continue. Happy New Year!


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